Dan Richardson was a 32 year member who first owned the Hamilton and Latta Road Nursing Home - he sold those facilities and bought the much needed and remodeled the 150 year old  Braddock Bay Tavern on Manitou Rd/Long Pond.
The Braddock Bay Tavern is/was  the oldest ice house in Monroe County.  Within a year of Dan taking  over ownership, it was a place to go "On The Bay" - his words not mine - with an excellent "homey" atmosphere and a superb European cuisine. 
Dan and his daughter flew out to Idaho (he loved to fly his plane) this summer to watch and photograph the Total Eclipse - actually he was in the "Totality" location where they were  in complete darkness for a few minutes and the temperature dropped 20 degrees. He said it was a very eerie feeling. 
Now you can FLY everyday!!
We will miss you Dan!!
Your Greece Rotary Brothers and Sisters.